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MDA is a 2 Partner Firm with some 20 staff and we operate from a single office located in Paris near Parc Monceau / Etoile.

MDA is a full service, independent firm of chartered accountants and auditors. We are committed to providing our clients with a world class service. Offering a genuine choice over the major accounting/auditing firms, our multi-disciplinary approach provides a broad perspective to business problems ensuring that we produce realistically priced commercial solutions.

MDA’s clients range from small and medium sized French and foreign companies to large multinational companies established in France.

Our clients represent virtually every field of business, but we have developed specific skills in real estate, non-profit organisations, renewable energy companies and IT companies.

Our extensive experience, working for distinguished foreign companies and funds in our country, validates our knowledge and enables us to offer the appropriate solutions to each of our clients’ problems.