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The real estate sector represents a large part of our business. We have developed skills and knowledge that are rare on the market. We have a wealth of experience of working with foreign real estate funds and can take care of all your relevant requests:

  • Accounting :
    • We maintain the bookkeeping of all your investments
    • We prepare your monthly or quarterly financial report under any GAAP (IFRS, US GAAP)
    • We build your operating budget, capex forecast, cashflows, etc.
    • We consolidate your entities in France with the relevant technical treatments (allocation of the goodwill, SLR correction, DT computation, etc.)
  • Tax :
    • We take care of all your common tax returns: yearend tax return, VAT, corporate tax, CVAE/CET, loan contracts, contribution on rental income, etc.
    • We assist you during tax audits performed by the French tax administration
    • We can prepare your 3% annual tax on real estate assets located in France, for your French entities and the foreign holding companies if required
    • We assist you regarding issues related to the French thin capitalization rules
    • In case of a tax group we prepare all individual and group tax returns
  • Other assistance
    • We can assist in the context of exceptional operations such as acquisitions (e.g. due diligence), disposals in case of share deals or asset deals, or restructuring operations. We can perform the audit of the target, calculate the sale price, consider the various effects of the capital gains tax, the real estate transfer taxes, etc.
    • We take charge of all your accounting and tax specificities if you are under a SIIC Regime or OPCI (which corresponds to French REITs)